11 Plus Nets of Cubes Spatial, Non-Verbal Reasoning Tests

Visuteach provides interactive online 11 plus nets of cubes spatial reasoning (spatial awareness) non-verbal reasoning questions in our nets of cubes membership packages. We have 80 nets of cubes questions made up of two types of questions:

  • Nets to Cubes (48 questions)
  • Partial Nets (32 questions)

Video Explanations for Nets of Cubes and Partial Nets Questions


Nets of Cubes 11 Plus Demo

Our nets of cubes package contains timed and untimed versions of the tests.
The demo below is an untimed test with answers after each question.

Nets of Cubes Demo (Untimed)

11 Plus Nets of Cubes Sample Paper Test

You can download and print out a pdf file of Visuteach’s sample nets of cubes test by clicking on the link below:

Visuteach 11 Plus Nets of Cubes Sample Paper Test

Alternatively, you can open the 11 plus spatial reasoning sample test below. The sample test below can be displayed in full screen mode by clicking on the Full Screen icon (which has has four small white diagonal arrows) on the toolbar at the bottom of the passage. To exit from full screen mode, you can click on the Full Screen icon or press the Esc key on your keyboard.

For mobile users, you can use pinch and zoom to enlarge the text.

The answers to the sample test are shown in the tabs below.