Free Online Maths Tests for 11 Plus, Key Stage 2 and SATs Exams

This page contains free online maths tests with questions, answers and explanations. The free maths tests are at 11 plus, Key Stage 2 and SATs level, and are suitable for children who are age ten, eleven or above. The online tests cover the following mathematics topics (among others):

2D shapes, 3D shapes, angles, reflex angles, obtuse angles, unit conversions, perimeter, rotational symmetry, equations, scale drawing problems, area, combinations, place value, nets, venn diagrams and bar charts.

At the bottom of the page, Visuteach provides easier free maths tests suitable for the earlier stages of the Key Stage 2 curriculum, aimed at children who are age nine or ten. These tests concentrate on easier areas of mathematics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, equivalent fractions, multiples, rounding, 24-hour clock time and 12-hour clock time.

Video Explanations for Maths Questions


GL Assessment Free Maths 11 Plus Demo Test

The following two free maths demo tests are untimed 10 question tests with answers immediately after each question.

Free Maths Untimed Demo Test 1

Free Maths Untimed Demo Test 2

The following two maths demo tests are timed 10 question tests with answers at the end of the test.

Free Maths Timed Demo Test 1

Free Maths Timed Demo Test 2

Free Essex CSSE Maths 11 Plus Demo Test

Essex Maths Demo:
Print out the blank answer sheet and write your answers on it. When you have completed the test, check your answers against the completed answer sheet. For explanations of the answers, click on the Answers & Explanations link.

Blank Answer Sheet

Demo Test

Completed Answer Sheet

Answers & Explanations