Free Online 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning VR Practice Tests

This page contains online GL Assessment style free 11 plus verbal reasoning tests covering all 21 types of GL Assessment verbal reasoning question.

Video Explanations For Difficult Question Types

Visuteach has 1,920 verbal reasoning questions covering the 21 types of VR questions. We have detailed explanations, written into our software tests, on how to solve 417 of these questions. The explanations are for the difficult question types i.e.

  • type 1 – crack the letter code
  • type 2 – complete the letter series
  • type 3 – complete the letter sentence
  • type 10 – continue the number series
  • type 15 – explore the facts & solve the riddle
  • type 18 – find the missing number
  • type 19 – crack the number code

The remaining question types do not require detailed explanations because the answers are generally self-explanatory. However, if you need any help on any question type, contact us by email and we will provide an explanation.

Below, we have video samples of some of our explanations.


Below is a free verbal reasoning demo test showing the 21 types of VR question (with answers immediately after each question).

Free Verbal Reasoning Demo 1

The demo test below is a short 20 question, 12.5 minute timed test (with answers at the end of the test).

Free Verbal Reasoning Demo 2

Demo tests below are short untimed tests (with answers immediately after each question).

Free Verbal Reasoning Demo 3

Free Verbal Reasoning Demo 4

Free Verbal Reasoning Demo 5