ISEB Common Pre-Test Online Practice

Visuteach sells online practice ISEB Common Pre-Tests which help prepare for the Independent Schools Examinations Board common entrance pre-tests. These are used as part of the admissions process by many public, private and independent schools. The ISEB pre-tests are GL Assessment online tests, and we have created our ISEB common pre-tests by adapting our 11 plus GL Assessment style questions and tests.

Video Explanations for Some Verbal Reasoning, Maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning Questions


ISEB Common Pre-Test Demo

This demo is an untimed test with answers immediately after each question. We also provide timed and untimed tests with answers at the end of the test.

Click on the link below to run the English demo.

ISEB Pre-Test English Demo

Click on the link below to run the maths demo.

ISEB Pre-Test Maths Demo

Click on the link below to run the non-verbal reasoning demo.

ISEB Pre-Test Non-Verbal Reasoning Demo

Click on the link below to run the verbal reasoning demo.

ISEB Pre-Test Verbal Reasoning Demo

The ISEB Common Pre-Tests are online, adaptive tests taken in Year 6 or Year 7 (between the ages of 10 to 12). Adaptive tests adapt to the performance of the candidate, getting harder or easier following a correct or incorrect answer respectively. Note that the Visuteach ISEB Common Pre-Tests are not adaptive; our tests have questions at one level of difficulty; we do not use easier questions if you choose an incorrect answer. We also do not provide performance analytics and reporting.

Information on the Common Pre-Tests and the 11 plus and 13 plus Common Entrance examinations can be found on the website of the Independent Schools Examinations Board by clicking on the link below:

ISEB Common Pre-Tests

The ISEB website provides a list of schools which use the Common Pre-Tests as part of their admissions process. A pdf file listing these schools can be accessed by clicking on the link below:

Schools which use the ISEB Common Pre-Tests

Sample ISEB Pre-test Non-Verbal Reasoning, English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning Questions