GL Assessment 11 Plus English Practice Papers & Online Tests

Visuteach sells membership packages containing twenty 11 plus GL Assessment style English online papers (and software tests) which help prepare for the English comprehension part of GL Assessment 11 plus tests and exams. The papers and the answers cannot be printed out, but they can be viewed online for a period of one year. The answer sheets and English comprehension passages can be printed out.

  • Each English paper contains a comprehension passage of approximately 500 words.
  • Each GL Assessment English paper contains 25 questions and should be completed in 25 minutes. Each paper has 13 comprehension questions, 4 spelling questions, 4 punctuation questions and 4 cloze sentence completion questions.
  • Comprehension passages are taken from classics, humorous tales, adventure stories, historical non-fiction, girls’ school stories and boys’ school stories.
  • Visuteach uses passages by Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas Hardy, Jerome K. Jerome, E. Nesbit, Mark Twain, John Kendrick Bangs, Talbot Baines Reed, Frank Richard Stockton, Edgar Wallace, Theodora Wilson Wilson, R.M. Ballantyne, Dorothea Moore and Eleanor H. Porter.
  • The 13 comprehension questions cover comprehension, vocabulary (e.g. synonyms, words closest in meaning), identification of parts of speech (e.g. adverbs, adjectives, nouns, verbs, pronouns, prepositions) and identification of literary devices (e.g. simile, metaphor, hyperbole, oxymoron, onomatopoeia).

Demos of our GL Assessment style 11 plus English online papers and software tests are shown further down this web page.

GL Assessment English Comprehension Software Test Demo

The demo test below is untimed and has answers immediately after each question.

GL Assessment 11 Plus English Software Demo – Untimed

The demo test below is timed and has answers at the end of the test.

GL Assessment 11 Plus English Software Demo – Timed

GL Assessment English Comprehension Online Paper Demo

Download and print out the answer sheet and the comprehension passage for the question paper by clicking on the links below:

Answer Sheet

Comprehension Passage

The question paper and the answers shown below can be displayed in full screen mode by clicking on the Full Screen icon (which has has four small white diagonal arrows) on the toolbar at the bottom of the paper or the bottom of the answers. To exit from full screen mode, you can click on the Full Screen icon or press the Esc key on your keyboard.

To scroll the paper, you can either use the scroll bars to the right and bottom of the paper, or you can use the up and down arrow icons on the toolbar, or you can just hover anywhere within the paper until you see the hand icon and then just drag the hand up or down.

For mobile users, you can use pinch and zoom to enlarge the text and use your finger to scroll.

Note that when you buy a paper, you cannot print out the paper and the answers shown below. You can only view it online for a period of 1 year.

Question Paper