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Feedback for CEM English/VR Package - A Very Big Thank You

Thanks a lot for all the material provided. The material, especially Antonyms & Synonyms, boosted their confidence a lot for the last few months of preparation, for which I am very thankful.

One of the important things is that they never said 'I won't do it'. As the material was not that hard and not that easy, they could see that they were slowly able to get it.

Thanks a lot for the help from me and my kids.

By the way my daughters got into CCHS and we are very happy.

Mr Yettapu    October 16, 2016    Essex   

My daughter has been preparing for eleven plus exams. The service I have received from Visuteach and the resources on the website have been invaluable in assisting BOTH of us during this tough time. Many thanks.

Dr D. Patel    December 19, 2015   

Thank you very much for your help. Rona was a student in one of your courses and we thank you profusely because she has today been offered a place in the Clitheroe Royal Grammar School from out of catchment area.

Mr Bhattacharya    October 10, 2015   

Just to say thank you for your help. Visuteach content was very useful and one of the main reasons behind my son’s recent 11+ success. He did very well both in CSSE (scored above 380, which is close to the best!) and ranked in the top 20 in Ilford County (CEM style). He also got above 248 for QE Barnet (one of the very best schools which has a minimum required score for admission of 210).

Mr Padigela    October 14, 2014    Ilford, Essex   

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