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Free English Revision for 11 Plus, Key Stage 2 and SATs Exams

Click on the blue links in the table below in order to run the tests.

Punctuation Test 1
Punctuation Test 2
Punctuation Commas Test 1
Punctuation Capital Letters Test 1
Synonyms Test 1
Synonyms Test 2
Antonyms Test 1
Vocabulary Test 1
Vocabulary Test 2
Vocabulary Test 3
Spelling Test 1
Spelling Test 2
Parts of Speech Test 1
Literary Devices Test 1

Comprehension Passage 1 Comprehension Test 1

Visuteach Online Interactive Tests – CEM English Membership Site

Demos of Visuteach CEM English Membership Site

CEM English Membership Demo 1

Synonyms, antonyms, cloze (missing words and missing letters), jumbled sentences

CEM English Demo 1
CEM English Membership Demo 2

Cloze tests (missing letters in words)

CEM English Demo 2
CEM English Membership Demo 3 – Reading Comprehension

Click on the blue link Comprehension Passage to view or print out the comprehension passage for the test, and then click on the grey round image to the right in order to start the test.

CEM English Demo 3

The table below shows the breakdown of question types available in our English membership site.

Question Type Description Number of Questions
Synonyms 250 multiple-choice questions and 250 questions containing a word with missing letters 500
Antonyms 200 questions containing a word with missing letters 200
Cloze 100 multiple-choice cloze (i.e. missing word) questions, 100 missing letter cloze questions and 160 cloze questions where missing words are part of a short passage 360
Word Order
(Jumbled Sentences)
100 questions where you need to rearrange a jumbled up sentence and create a meaningful one. The order of the words has been mixed up and there is also one extra word which does not belong in the meaningful sentence 100
Comprehension 8 interactive online multiple-choice timed comprehension tests with a total of 64 questions. Each test is approximately 350 words in length and contains 8 questions and is similar to the format of the CEM Bexley sample test comprehension.

6 interactive online multiple-choice timed comprehension tests with a total of 68 questions. Each test is approximately 500 words in length, contains between 10-13 questions and is a GL Assessment Northern Ireland PPTC transfer style test. The 6 comprehension tests are taken from our PPTC paper tests