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How to join, pay for and log in to a membership package

Step 1 : Join (register an account)

Click on the Join menu item shown in the image below and you will be taken to the Join page.

Enter a username and password along with your email address in the fields shown below, then click on the Register button which will automatically take you to the Login page.

Step 2: Log in

Enter your username and password in the fields shown below, then click on the Login button which will automatically take you to the Membership Welcome Start Page which lists any current memberships you may have and allows you to buy new memberships.

Step 3: Purchase a membership

Scroll down the Membership Welcome Start Page until you see the table listing the membership packages and their prices. To purchase a package, click on the Buy Now button next to that package. Note that you must pay for each package separately i.e. you must complete the purchase of one package before you can purchase another package. The memberships are non-recurring which means that you will not be automatically rebilled when a membership expires. You can choose to renew a membership, it will not be done for you automatically.

Step 4: Log in to the system

Click on the Login menu item shown below and you are taken to the Login page.

After you have purchased a membership package, you will already be logged in and all you need to do is to click on the Welcome Page link at the bottom of the Login page as shown below. Clicking on the Welcome Page link takes you to the Membership Welcome Start Page.

Note that if you chose a usename of andrew, for example, the system will indicate that andrew is already logged in by showing the username in capitalised form (i.e. as ANDREW) by default

Step 5: Access your membership package(s)

Near the top of the Membership Welcome Start Page you will see a list of your active membership packages. To access your package(s), click on the Welcome Page link next to the package name as shown below.

Note that the expiry date of your package is shown next to its name and the expiry date is in the format yyyy-mm-dd. Therefore the expiry date shown below is 4/11/2015 i.e. 4th November 2015.

If you have any questions about the join process, please send us an email at

Our practice papers are available for immediate download on our Purchase page.

To open free sample papers for our 11 plus English tests, click on the blue links in the Sample Paper column below. To download the free sample papers, right-click on the blue links and choose ‘Save Target As’ from the pop-up menu.

Visuteach 11 Plus Papers Exam Covers Format Number of questions Time Allowed Sample Paper
PPTC English Comprehension, punctuation, grammar, spelling, vocabulary Multiple-choice 65 50 mins PPTC English Sample Test
AQE CEA (combined maths & English) Comprehension, punctuation, grammar, spelling, vocabulary Standard 32 Maths, 26 English 1 hr
North London Independent Girls’ Schools’ Consortium Group 2 English Reading (Comprehension) Comprehension, vocabulary Standard Anything between 11-15 45 mins NLIGSC English Sample Test

Visuteach Online Essex CSSE English 11+ Membership Package Demo

The demo below has a comprehension test of 7 out of the full 14 questions and should therefore be completed in 15 minutes rather than 30 minutes. The comprehension tests in our membership packages are 14 question tests. Note that the full version of the demo test appears in our Essex English Membership Package 2.

Write your answers on a sheet of paper and check them against the answer sheet.

Click on the links in the table below.

Essex English Demo Passage Comprehension Test Applied Reasoning Test Answer Sheet

For more information on our Essex CSSE 11+ English membership packages, please click Essex CSSE 11+ English Membership Packages.

Demos of Visuteach CEM English/VR Membership Site

CEM English/VR Membership Demo 1

Synonyms, antonyms, cloze (missing words and missing letters), jumbled sentences

CEM English/VR Demo 1
CEM English/VR Membership Demo 2

Cloze tests (missing letters in words)

CEM English/VR Demo 2
CEM English/VR Membership Demo 3 – Reading Comprehension

Click on the blue link Comprehension Passage to view or print out the comprehension passage for the test, and then click on the grey round image to the right in order to start the test.

CEM English/VR Demo 3

The table below shows the breakdown of question types available in our CEM English/VR membership site.

Question Type Description Number of Questions
Synonyms 250 multiple-choice questions and 250 questions containing a word with missing letters 500
Antonyms 300 questions containing a word with missing letters 300
Cloze 150 multiple-choice cloze (i.e. missing word) questions, 100 missing letter cloze questions and 160 cloze questions where missing words are part of a short passage 410
Word Order
(Jumbled Sentences)
130 questions where you need to rearrange a jumbled up sentence and create a meaningful one. The order of the words has been mixed up and there is also one extra word which does not belong in the meaningful sentence 130
Comprehension 8 interactive online multiple-choice timed comprehension tests with a total of 64 questions. Each test is approximately 350 words in length and contains 8 questions and is similar to the format of the CEM Bexley sample test comprehension. 64