Visuteach provides English comprehension packages which help prepare for the comprehension part of GL Assessment, CEM and PPTC 11+ English tests and exams. Each comprehension pack contains ten GL Assessment style 11 plus English comprehension tests and costs £15 for one year.

Comprehension Package Demos

Each comprehension test can be run in two modes – automatic marking mode or manual marking mode.

In automatic marking mode, questions are displayed online, answers are filled in online, the test is marked automatically, and the answers are shown at the end of the test.

In manual marking mode, questions are displayed online, answers are filled in on paper, and the test is marked manually by comparing the filled in answers to the correct answers which are provided on a completed answer sheet.

Demo of an automatically marked test:
Print out the passage and run the test.


Demo Test

Demo of a test requiring manual marking:
Print out the passage and the blank answer sheet and write your answers on it. When you have completed the test, check your answers against the completed answer sheet.


Blank Answer Sheet

Demo Test

Completed Answer Sheet

You can download and print out a pdf file of a sample of one of Visuteach’s English comprehension tests by clicking on the link below:

Visuteach Sample English Comprehension Test

The answers to this test are shown in the tabs below.

Alternatively, you can read the comprehension passage below and see the test questions below.

The English passage below can be displayed in full screen mode by clicking on the Full Screen icon (which has has four small white diagonal arrows) on the toolbar at the bottom of the passage. To exit from full screen mode, you can click on the Full Screen icon or press the Esc key on your keyboard.

For mobile users, you can use pinch and zoom to enlarge the text.

Why did the narrator have ‘no eyes except for Charlie’?

A. Because Charlie was at the helm of the boat
B. Because Charlie was the leader
C. Because the narrator was worried about Charlie
D. Because Charlie was not wearing a lifebelt
E. Because the narrator admired Charlie

Which two of the following best describe the narrator in this passage?

1. foolhardy
2. Distraught
3. Serene
4. selfless

A. 2 and 3
B. 3 and 4
C. 1 and 2
D. 1 and 3
E. 2 and 4

Which of these is closest in meaning to ‘anguish’ (line 21)?

A. ferocity
B. extent
C. futility
D. torment
E. serenity