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Visuteach provides practice papers for Northern Ireland AQE CEA (Common Entrance Assessment) 11 plus tests. These are combined maths and English practice papers.

The maths questions contain explanations (not just answers). This helps you understand the process needed to arrive at the correct answer.

Our practice papers are available for immediate download on our Purchase page.


Visuteach 11 Plus Papers Format Number of questions Time Allowed
AQE CEA (combined maths & English) Standard 32 Maths, 26 English 1 hr

Our AQE CEA (Common Entrance Assessment) Northern Ireland transfer test papers are based on the type of questions found in the AQE sample papers on the AQE website.

Our tests consist of 58 questions covering both English and maths. The format of our tests is as follows:

8 maths questions
a poem and 7 English questions on the poem
8 maths questions
a prose passage and 5 English questions on that passage
8 maths questions
a poem and 7 English questions on that poem
8 maths questions
a prose passage and 7 English questions on that prose passage.


Northern Ireland Transfer Tests. List of schools which use the AQE (Association For Quality Education) CEA (Common Entrance Assessment) exams

There is information on the AQE on the AQE website

The following information is correct to the best of our knowledge. We cannot accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions. Please click on the schools’ websites to check the information. Please let us know if you spot any errors or omissions.


School AQE
Antrim Grammar AQE
Ballyclare High School AQE
Ballymena Academy AQE
Banbridge Academy AQE
Bangor Grammar School AQE
Belfast High School AQE
Belfast Royal Academy AQE
Bloomfield Collegiate, Belfast AQE
Cambridge House, Ballymena AQE
Campbell College, Belfast AQE
Carrickfergus Grammar AQE
Coleraine Grammar School AQE
Collegiate Grammar, Enniskillen AQE
Dalriada School, Ballymoney AQE
Down High School, Downpatrick AQE
Friends School, Lisburn AQE
Foyle College AQE
Glenlola Collegiate, Bangor AQE
Grosvenor Grammar School, Belfast AQE
Hunterhouse College, Belfast AQE
Larne Grammar School AQE
Limavady Grammar School AQE
Methodist College Belfast AQE
Omagh Academy AQE
Portora Royal School AQE
Regent House School, Newtownards AQE
Royal Belfast Academical Institution AQE
Royal School Armagh AQE
Royal School Dungannon AQE
Strabane Academy AQE
Strathearn School, Belfast AQE
Sullivan Upper School, Holywood AQE
Victoria College, Belfast AQE
Wallace High School, Lisburn AQE
Wellington College, Belfast AQE