Visuteach provides online interactive tests that help prepare for 11+ exams such as GL Assessment, CEM, Essex CSSE, Kent Test, PPTC Transfer Test and independent school maths.

Online tests are organised into membership packages.

Membership Packages

CEM English/VR

Synonyms, Antonyms, Cloze Tests, Jumbled Sentences, Comprehension Tests

£10 for 1 Month

500 synonyms
300 antonyms
410 cloze questions
130 jumbled sentence questions
8 multiple-choice comprehension tests

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Essex CSSE

Essex CSSE Maths & Essex CSSE English

£20 for 1 Year

9 Essex CSSE Maths Tests

26 Essex CSSE English Tests


Applied Reasoning

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Kent Test

Verbal Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning & Non-verbal Reasoning

£12.50 for 1 Month

1.920 Verbal Reasoning Questions

90 Spatial Reasoning Questions

60 Non-verbal Reasoning Questions

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GL Assessment Maths

£10 for 1 Month

500 GL Assessment style maths questions

Answers and explanations provided

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GL Assessment Verbal Reasoning

£10 for 1 Month

1,920 Verbal Reasoning Questions

All 21 types of questions broken down by type

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Independent School Maths

Explanations for maths sample papers for

Habs Boys’ School

St Paul’s Girls’ School

Merchant Taylor’s School

St Albans School

Latymer Upper School

North London Independent Girls’ School Consortium

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Comprehension Packages

Multiple-choice comprehension tests for GL Assessment, CEM and PPTC exams

£15 for 1 Year

10 multiple-choice comprehension tests with passages of approximately 500 words each.

Questions cover comprehension, vocabulary (e.g. synonyms, word closest in meaning), identification of parts of speech (e.g. adverbs, adjectives, nouns, verbs, pronouns) and identification of literary devices (e.g. simile, metaphor, hyperbole, oxymoron, onomatopoeia).

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