Why use Visuteach to prepare for the 11 plus?

Visuteach provides practice papers and interactive online tests that help prepare for CEM 11 plus, GL Assessment, Essex CSSE, Northern Ireland PPTC and AQE CEA transfer tests and North London Independent Girls’ Schools’ Consortium 11 plus exams. Our practice papers are available for immediate download on our Purchase page, and demos of our online interactive tests can be seen on our Visuteach Online Membership Sites page.

The 11 plus is a one-off; it can never be retaken
There are no second chances; you have to be prepared.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail
Practice papers, tests and quality questions are the most important materials you need. For the price of a magazine and a coffee, you can prepare for the exams. Don’t leave it to chance. Study and prepare.

Quality is key
High quality non-verbal reasoning questions are hard to find. Explanations for the answers to maths and non-verbal reasoning questions are in even shorter supply. Visuteach provides both. Practise using questions that are of a similar level of complexity to the GL Assessment (formerly known as NFER Nelson) sample tests.

Stay ahead of the competition
Others are being tutored and are working through sample papers. You need to do the same and you need to use the best materials available.

Be your own tutor
Our products contain explanations, not just answers. They provide the tuition you need. Concepts are explained. Save time and money by learning what is required.


At Visuteach we aim to provide the best possible preparation for 11 plus maths, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and English comprehension exams. We have analysed the sample papers provided by GL Assessment (formerly known as NFER Nelson), the main provider of 11 plus exams to schools and local authorities. We have created questions that are of a similar level of complexity. Our GL Assessment style maths, verbal reasoning and non verbal reasoning tests are in multiple-choice format rather than standard format. Our Northern Ireland PPTC transfer test practice papers in maths and English are multiple-choice GL Assessment style tests. Whilst not all areas of the country use a multiple-choice format in their 11 plus exams, our tests are still useful for these areas, since they test for topics that will be tested whatever the question format.

We provide 11 plus English comprehension tests which follow the format of the CSSE (Consortium for Selective Schools in Essex) Essex 11 plus test as well as Essex CSSE maths papers, Northern Ireland AQE transfer tests papers, which are combined papers covering maths and English, and maths and English comprehension tests which are similar to the format of the Group 2 maths and English reading tests of the North London Independent Girls’ Schools’ Consortium. All of these tests are in standard format rather than multiple-choice format.

We also provide interactive online tests that help prepare for CEM 11 plus exams.

What stands out about our preparation materials for maths and non verbal reasoning, is that we provide detailed answers and explanations for any but the most simple of questions. This provides the additional element of tuition and enables children and parents to work through a problem and understand how to arrive at the solution.